• Invasive Instagram advertising

    Yes, I have concerns about Signal in the long term, but you’ve got to love the research they do. Check out the type of information that Facebook tracks about you and how it is leveraged for advertising. https://signal.org/blog/the-instagram-ads-you-will-never-see/

  • Ski Philosophy

    Ski Philosophy, Its Relation to Every-Day Living by Alton C. Melville 1. Be Physically Fit. It is essential to a skier’s safety and enjoyment. Important to everyone. 2. Ask Not That The Mountains Be Smaller. We make the mountains seem smaller by our increased proficiency. The principle has application to...

  • Signal's cryptocurrenty mistake

    Preface I’d like to first make clear that I’ve been a long-time user of Signal. And I’ll most likely continue to use it. This post is more of a warning that Signal might not be a wise long-term choice for messaging, so if you are new to Signal, you may...

  • Achievement Unlocked: CISSP

    I received this message today: Congratulations! Based on your examination results, application review and acceptance of your endorsement, the (ISC)² Board of Directors has awarded you the CISSP certification. I’ve been meaning to take that exam for many years and finally did it last month. Now I have the paper...

  • Another T-Mobile data breach

    T-Mobile disclosed that they have had another data breach. If you use T-Mobile, now is a good time to change your account’s password, PIN, and security questions and answers. If you don’t already have a credit freeze setup at the major credit bureaus, you should do that now. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/t-mobile-discloses-data-breach-after-sim-swapping-attacks/